About US

Born in Mexico City, Manuel Sánchez comes from a three generation family of jewelry designers, he has been perfecting his craft since a very young age at his father’s studio and eventually moved to his own studio located in the heart of the Art District in San Jose del Cabo, México. 

All of our unique pieces are carefully handmade in our studio using millenary techniques combined with modern procedures to achieve textures and forms that are rarely found in common jewelry. Manuel Sánchez works along his team of master jewelers on each collection. 

During the creative process, he implements all the techniques learned throughout his career in the family business and combines them with his personal style, which is characterized by a taste for contemporary art, travel and his love for nature.

Inspiration for his work concepts comes from various elements that stimulate the artistic process such as the ocean, art collections from different eras and architecture. As a result, the beautiful combination of metals, stones and shapes that breaks the traditional schemes of jewelry is born. 

Our main mission is to continuously innovate and evolve the world of jewelry. By doing so, we can offer our customers rare and individual masterpieces.