Manuel Sanchez Jewelry Trunk Shows

The magnificent Sea of Cortez has been the birthplace of our new project; “Manuel Sanchez Jewelry Trunk Shows”. A new way to exhibit our jewelry collections in a very personal, exclusive and enjoyable manner.

Manuel Sánchez, was recently invited to perform at the amazing Club 96 which is exclusive to residents and guests of Villas del Mar, Palmilla.

At the event, a private collection was presented, along with other special pieces showcased at Manuel Sanchez’s flagship store in downtown San Jose. The experience offered a rich and detailed review of each work, and Manuel Sánchez himself was there to go through all the pieces and its artistic process.

Manuel Sanchez would like to heartily thank Del Mar Group for the invitation as well as all the members and guests who attended the event. He hopes he provided an enriching experience that exceeded all expectations.

Manuel embraced the honor of attending the trunk show and was proud to be part of this amazing cultural exhibition offered to the audience. 

Manuel Sanchez is an emerging artist with great motivation to position his brand and himself as one of the top jewelry designers in Mexico and the world. Keep following us to get our latest updates. 

Christophe Bourlon